Amazing Night | Kanakuk Kamps
Amazing Night

For any caring parent that is still following this K-2 Blog, it’s 10:30 PM Thursday night.  The bell is ringing over and over and over again.  With every peal of the bell dozens of kids cheer like their own brother or sister has just gone home from battle. 
Kids getting real…kids coming clean… kids getting their hears (and their lives right) with God. I cherish these kids. Their boldness is inspirational. Their culture is tough to navigate; the temptations are perilous.    The consequences are difficult to carry.  These K-2 kids are special.  Their hearts are good.   They want to live a good life.  They want to change their world.  They want to live in peace with God. I feel so blessed to be a small step in their journey.

-Joe White