Last Pod Day. Last Wednesday. Last week of Kamp | Kanakuk Kamps
Last Pod Day. Last Wednesday. Last week of Kamp

I’m sad!!! I’m going to miss these amazing K2 kids… A lot!

            I have been filming all day and I have seen hundreds of smiles, heard hundreds of cheering voices, and seen countless happy hearts and sparkling eyes.

            It was a beautiful day to film.  I also go to teach a couple dozen kids how to counsel, witness to, and disciple their hurting and lost friends.  My how these kids care!

            Yesterday a thirteen year old boy came to my office, he humbly said “I have been saving my lawn mowing money for a car.  I have saved 400 dollars.  I want to spend it on someone less fortunate.”  I believe he decided to send a “down syndrome” class mate to Camp Barnabas Special needs camp with his money.

Hearts transformed!  That’s what it’s all about.

Tonight is final tribal and final war ball.  Tomorrow we scrimmage Kids Across America in football and basketball and get a heart for kids from the inner city.  It’s a day that the kids will never forget.  Tomorrow night is final campfire.  The next day is parent’s day.  It’s wrapping up to fast!

Joe White