Another beautiful K2 Day | Kanakuk Kamps
Another beautiful K2 Day

Today is another beautiful, partly cloudy, mostly cloudy 84 degree day.  I wonder where the summer went.  I can’t believe that we are now in the last week of the greatest summer I can ever remember at kamp. 

Just today a precious young man from Cairo, Egypt, where as you know almost everyone, has a Muslim background.  Told me that he had accepted Christ into his heart and had rang the bell.  He told me that he had almost never read the Bible before he came to camp.

A girl came up to me as I was filming the volleyball specialty and told me how she was leaving all her bad habits at home forever.  Sweet as she looked on the outside, she came to camp with a lot of bad habits with boys and Marijuana.  

Another boy came up to me and wanted to be free from his habitual use of marijuana and pornography.  I helped him write a constitution whereby he would put 10 things he would never do again on one side of the paper and 10 things he would do every day on the other side of the paper and put it in his Bible; his eyes lit up as he made a commitment to live a Godly life 24/7 and 365. 

AS I went around the camp today and filmed all the different specialties I saw only happy faces, great friendships, growing relationships with Christ, and clear focused and dedicated eyes.  The only things more beautiful than this Ozark day was the faces of your kids throughout the Kamp.  Thanks for loaning us the greatest kids on earth.  Prayerfully when they get home they will even be better. -Joe White