The Wise Eskimo | Kanakuk Kamps
The Wise Eskimo

He was the mayor of his small Eskimo village.  He was known throughout his icy homeland for his wisdom.  He also had the finest sled dogs in the land. 

Each year the village people would gather to watch his famous annual “Sled Dog Tug-O-War.”  One team of white sled dogs would pull against an equally numbered team or black sled dogs.  Some years the white team would win.  Some years the black team would win.  Funny though, he would predict which team would win, and he was always predict the correct winning team. 

Now, later in his years, he decided to have one last tug-o-war and reveal the secret of how he knew which team would win with perfect consistency

As he hitched the two teams up to the rope for the one final pull, a young lad asked the man, “how do you always know which team will win?”

Without batting an eye the elderly mayor quietly said “the winner each year is the team I feed the most.”   

For two (or hopefully four) weeks our K2 kids win!  They win with themselves, they win with God and they win in relationships.  They win in their thoughts, their attitudes, and with their bodies.

No television, no iPad, iPhone, computers or negative influence keeping them from “The Word.”  It’s refreshing to the soul!  K-Life at night, bible verse memory each day, quiet time and morning church “Feed the Dogs” with encouragement throughout the day.

Instead of “where’s the party this weekend”, they hear “what did God teach you at K-Life?”  

Instead of “How many texts did you get yesterday”, they hear “what did you learn in your quiet time this morning?”

“Atta Boys”, “Way to Go’s”; “I’m proud of you’s” and “nice going” fill the air.  Kids cheer for each other when the bell rings.  Kinds stand and worship harmoniously from the bottom of their heart on K-Life nights.

It’s easy to guess which “team or sled dogs” will win at the end of the term.  It’s been a blast feeding them!