MARCH MADNESS! | Kanakuk Kamps

There is one activity that creates buzz on both sides of kamp. It is called March Madness. The boys played their tournament last night and the girls played theirs last week.  

The goal of March Madness is to have fun!  And it doesn't matter whether you are good or bad at basketball because each kamper has a role to make this day special.

The day is laid out as a tournament.  Each kamper is put on a team, and each team has a chance to make it to the finals.  As the bracket plays out, some teams advance and some teams get knocked out. This is where it really gets fun.  For the teams who win, it is a blast because they feel like celebrities. The kampers on the teams who lose change their roles.  From this point forward they are no longer basketball players.  Instead, they are announcers, janitors, referees, drummers, singers, analysts, VIP crowd members and more for the championship game.  

At the end of the day when the championship game is being played, it feels like the whole world is watching.  Every aspect of a real national championship game is brought to K-1 in a fun way because every kid has a role in making this night so great. Whether they are janitors, players, announcers, or just super fans going crazy for their tribe, March Madness is sure to be one of the best nights at kamp.