The K-1 Girl's Show Stunt | Kanakuk Kamps
The K-1 Girl's Show Stunt

Last night, the girls put on a show called Stunt. Throughout this week, the girls worked very hard to put together a show full of acting, dancing, and more to be showcased in front of all of K-1. The Kiowas and the Kickapoos both created a performance and they were graded on their show by the judges

Every girl in kamp is used during Stunt in a dance or scene. It is a huge time for the girls side of kamp and last night was one of the best performances that K-1 has seen.

The girls aren't the only ones who get excited for Stunt. On the boys side, the gentlemen of Kanakuk dressed up in their nicest clothes, combed their hair, and did everything they could to look their best. 

It turned out to be a great night and the girls did an awesome job!