K-Life!!! | Kanakuk Kamps

At K-1, K-Life might be one of the most fun things we do as a Kamp.  For those of you who don't know what exactly K-Life is, this is for you. 

K-Life is scheduled every few days, and it quickly becomes one of the Kampers favorite things to do.  The boys and the girls both come together in the K-Dome, which is our main gym, and spend and an hour going absolutely crazy.  The first half of K-Life is devoted to skits, games, videos, and lots of fun.  The skits at K-1 are unbelievable and its not uncommon to see a cow, Elvis, a chicken, or any other costume imaginable.  

After the crazy and wild first part of K-Life, we settle the kids down and sing worship songs.  After worship, someone gives a talk.  

This is usually what a typical K-Life looks like and I'm sure you will be hearing more stories from your Kamper when they get home!