Olympic 4th of July | Kanakuk Kamps
Olympic 4th of July

The past couple days have been absolutely crazy at K-1. There has been so much anticipation for the 4th of July and the all day party that it brings. 

Today, the kampers were not just kampers. They were Olympians. They started off the day by sleeping in and getting their bodies rested for the big day of olympic competition.  

Since it was the 4th of July, they were awakened by a firework-alarmclock, immediately followed by breakfast in bed! 

The whole morning was devoted to preparation for the afternoon's olympic festivities. There were pre-game speeches, protein shakes, time trials, and more. 

Each cabin represented a different country in the games and competed for the gold medal. By the end of the day, each cabin united back under the American Flag and watch fireworks celebrating the monumental day of July 4th.