Term 4 Opening Day 2017 | Kanakuk Kamps
Term 4 Opening Day 2017

K-2 term 4 opening day 2017

Term 4 Opening Day was one for the books! The sun was shining, staff was hype and new Kampers rolled through the gates!

We opened the gates at 2:00 and the rest is history.  Upon arrival, Kampers were immediately welcomed by our friendly staff who escorted them to a golf cart or tram to be escorted down.  


Kampers were checked in and then introduced on stage to be greeted by their counselors.  After meeting their counselors and cabin mates, there was a plethora of activities to participate in.  


The activities included:

  • Pool

  • Party Barn

  • Slip N’ Slide

  • Waterslide

  • Zipline

  • Adventure

  • Basketball

  • Tennis

  • Snow Cones


For dinner, we had a picnic where cabins ate together and created cabin cheers. We then played some fun games and ended the night with our first K-Life with Joe White.   


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