Pod day! | Kanakuk Kamps
Pod day!

When I say pod you say day! POD! DAY! 

Every single Wednesday at K-2 Kampers have the opportunity to switch up their normal schedules and try something new! We call these days Pod Days!

From boating and bluff jumping, to going to dogwood canyon for a stroll, pod day has the MOST exciting options for Kampers to choose from on this day. Some Kamper favorites have been; dating and dancing, wakeboard, ski, blob and Impact with Joe White. Dating and dancing consists of Kampers pairing up and learning the ins and outs of how to two step! Kampers then get to sit down and learn what pursuing a Christ-like and faithful relationship looks like. In wakeboard, ski, blob Kampers get to rotate on the dock and have a blast learning and perfecting their wakeboard and waterskiing skills, then they blob eachother to new heights! Finally, in impact with Joe White Kampers get time to hear from Joe White more intimately on how to take their faith home with them and make an impact at their high schools! These three pods just touch the surface on the amount of options Kampers have to choose from on this day!

Pod day has become a time for Kampers to dive into something new and run at a different and fun pace. Kampers are so excited for new opportunities to jump outside their "normal" and pod day offers just that! We are counting down the days until Wednesday arrives again and we get to try something new!