K-LIFE | Kanakuk Kamps

"AIN'T NO PARTY LIKE A K-LIFE PARTY 'CAUSE A K-LIFE PARTY DON'T STOP" You can almost hear this being chanted all around Lampe, Missouri on K-LIFE nights!

Here at K-2 we have a tradition near to the hearts of Kampers and Kounselors called K-LIFE. About every other night Kampers have the chance to dance and go crazy with their Kabin, watch a skit and play a game with our hilarious programs team and then hear a talk from an amazing speaker on the K-2 guys leadership team.

K-LIFE is incredible becuase it mixes fun and faith together in a way that represnts everything we try to do here at Kanakuk. We want the Kampers to have an incredible time and laugh a lot, but ultimately our prayer is that those funny moments would lead to more spiritually rich moments.

Grant Gaines, the Dean of men for the Kanakuk Institute and one of the directors here at K-2 shared what he enjoys most about K-Life, he said, "K-LIFE is a great place to teach God's word to God's people and I am grateful for the opportunity to glorify Jesus in that manor". 

Each K-LIFE is impactful and powerful. Our hope is that K-LIFE can be a place where students worship together and deepen their understading of Gods' word and how it applies to their lives.