K-2 Trips | Kanakuk Kamps
K-2 Trips

A trip during Kamp? That's right! At K-2 Kampers get to go on two trips, K-WET and K-WILD. On these trips primarily girl Kampers attend K-WET and boy Kampers attend K-WILD.

K-WET is an overnight Kamp where girl Kampers get to spend half their day on the lake with our 4 K-WET guys and wakeboard, wake surf and do so many other fun water activities. In the afternoon the Kampers get to do a fun and exciting challenge course. After all this, Kampers get to hear an inspiring talk from the K-WET guys that they call Tiki talk.

Our K-WET and K-WILD staff are some of the most spiritually gifted staff members we have. Jon O and Connor Lanham, two of the K-WET guys talked about what they enjoy about working on the trip staff.

Jon said, "I love getting to live with 3 of my bestfriends, its the place that i've grown the most because of the community. It's a great place where Kabins get to step away from Kamp and grow closer together and a place for their Kounselors to dive in with no distractions".

Connor said, "I love K-WET because we get to walk in John 13:15 which is following Jesus' example of serving the Komo's of Kanakuk. The Lord gives us 24 hours to love, serve, and tell these girls about a father in Heaven who loves them, and how he has made a way to have life to the full in his son Jesus Christ".

At K-WILD Kampers have the chance to go caving in a BEAUTIFUL cave, hike up a cliff and bluff jump or repell down it. Kampers then get to hear a talk from Hank Harmon. One of the stand outs of K-WILD is the "wild burgers" which consist of a chicken patty, hamburger patty, beans and so many other yummy toppings. K-WILD gives Kampers the opportunity to be adventourous and learn about what it looks like to be bold.

Trip is an incredible tool for Kampers to step outside of the normal Kamp routine and try new things. Kampers get to hear from some of the wisest staff members and learn so many tools to take back home with them.