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K-2 Specialties

From K-2 Hoops, to Fitness and Nutrition and even All Around Athletics, K-2 does an incredible job making sure each Kamper gets to experince the best two hours of everyday in their specialty of choice. Kampers have a wide variety of specialties to choose from, ranging from the famous K2U Football lead by Joe White, to K-Wake where you get to spend two hours perfecting your wake-boarding skills.


Prior to coming to Kamp, each Kamper gets to pick a specialty to give it their all in. Kampers will go to their specialty everyday and experince 2 hours of training, playing and having a blast.

The time spent at specialties is typically remembered by Kampers as some of the most impactful moments of their Kamp experince. Ethan from Kuk 14 said, "I love football because of the atmosphere. I love getting to work hard with my brothers in Christ. Specialties do a great job of making everyone feel welcome and help us improve in our sport. I love K-2 specialties". Kampers grow immensely, not only in their specialty, but also spiritually as their specialty becomes a tight-knit family.