Cross Talk 2017 | Kanakuk Kamps
Cross Talk 2017

Cross Talk 2017


One of our favorite and most special nights here at K-2 is called Cross Talk.  We get to share stories and present a real life picture of the gospel as we reenact the crucifixion scene.

Our night starts off with a silent dinner to prepare our hearts and reflect about what we have learned at Kamp thus far.


After dinner, the Kampers have the opportunity to attend 3, break- out sessions on the topics of their choice.


The content covered in our stations consisted of:


 *   Death of a Loved One

 *   Apathy to Christianity

 *   Trials, Sufferings, and Affliction

 *   Idolization of Sports

 *   Porn + Sexual Immorality

 *   Pain of Divorce

 *   A Broken Self-Image

 *   Brokenness in Dating

 *   Pain of Physical Injuries

 *   Anxiety + Stress


After the third station is done, Kampers go down to the tribal ring, a facility where bleachers are in a semi-circle and a fire is lit in front of the cross.  When everyone has arrived, the crucifixion scene begins and it is such a unique and real  life like display of the event that changed history forever 2,000 years ago.  After the Roman guards take Jesus away, we get to hear three stories of people who knew Jesus and why they needed a Savior. The adulteress woman talks about how Jesus loved her despite her actions and Peter talks about denying Jesus three times. Lastly, the Roman guard talks about how it wasn’t only his verbal decision to crucify Him Jesus , but his sin that put Jesus on the cross in the first place.


Once the speakers are done talking, each of them would write their sin on a board.  Right next to the board, Jesus was writing who they were in his eyes: pure, blameless, forgiven, etc. This prompted Kampers to confess their sins on the board knowing the freedom and grace they have in Jesus Christ.


Many Kampers fully understand the gospel for the first time at Cross Talk and get to celebrate their decision to follow Jesus with their cabin mates and counselors afterwards. Of all the celebrations that happen at Kamp, this is by far our favorite!