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American Bandstand Party

Bell bottoms, retro garb & poodle skirts- OH MY!

Last night we had our American Bandstand party and it was the grooviest time at Kanakuk K-2!


Our party kicked off when lunch consisted of both Kuks and Komos!   After lunch, each brother and sister cabin met during F.O.B. (Flat on Back) as they came together and learned a dance that they would soon be performed at dinner! 


What kinds of dances did they learn, you might ask? Cabin dances consisted of:


 *   The Twist


 *   The Turtle


 *   The Mashed Potato


 *   The Hustle


 *   The Funky Four Corners


 *   Surfin U.S.A


 *   The Jitterbug


 *   The Stroll


 *   The Lindy Hop


 *   The Swim


 *   The Elvis


 *   The Locomotion


 *   The Charleston


 *   YMCA


 *   The Salty Dog Rag


 *   The Watusi


 *   The Texas Two-Step


 *   The Pony


 *   The Pretzel


 *   The Hully Gully


Dinner was split in two groups.  While cabins 00-10 were eating diner type food, cabins 11-20 were performing their dances.  In between the switch, we had an ice cream malt social! Then, cabins 11-20 ate dinner and 00-10 performed their dances. After the social, the rest of the cabins had their turns to shine on stage!

The night ended in the K-Dome where we got a chance to see the top teams compete in a dance competition! Once the winners were announced, we let an epic dance party commence! 

American Bandstand was a night to remember!


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