Why Rock Up? | Kanakuk Kamps
Why Rock Up?
If you’re ever inside of Kanakuk’s gates, you’ve seen it. Groups of campers huddled in a circle, with their fists on top of each other’s and heads bowed. We refer to this as “rocking up.” Rocking up simply means gathering together to pray before an activity or meal here at Kamp. 
We rock up and pray before beginning every single activity, we rock up and pray at the close of every single activity, and we rock up and pray before each meal we eat together. That’s a whole lot of praying and fist bumping every single day!
Logistically, we rock up together to make sure every camper is present at their respective activity for that hour, but the meaning and significance is so much deeper than attendance!
 We rock up and pray so often at Kamp to thank and praise the Lord for the of blessing each day and each hour. We rock up and pray to celebrate the Christ centered friendships we have made. We rock up and pray to proclaim safety and fun over every single thing we do here. We rock up and pray because no matter what the activity or meal, all we do is a means to reflect the gospel!