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Wake Park Adventures

At Kanakuk we strive to provide Kampers with as many possible opportunities to create long lasting memories. Every summer Kampers have wonderful experiences like catching their first fish, or learning how to do a backflip off the diving board. These experiences are what leaves a long lasting smile on the hearts of each kiddo; we like to call these ‘Mountain Top Moments’.


This summer the new Wakeboard Park at K1 has been a highlight of hundreds of Kampers summer so far. Day in and day out Kampers are greeted by the Doc Daddy's who wear a warm smile, have a heart for kiddos, and LOVE seeing kids succeed at wakeboarding for the first time! If you stumbled upon a cabin of Kampers at the Wake Park there is no doubt that you would encounter a group of kids having the time of their life.


Drenched in water, sun and smiles, the Wakeboard Park is quickly becoming the new home of mountain top moments for Kampers. When a Komo named Katie got up on the wakeboard for the first time this summer her whole cabin began to cheer as she wore a grin from ear to ear. It is moments like these that make the Wakeboard Park, and more importantly K1 such a special place for kids to spend their summer!

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