Unsung Heroes | Kanakuk Kamps
Unsung Heroes
Here at Kamp, we give out an award at the end of the each term honoring “unsung heroes”. And unsung hero is someone who does the right thing, even when no one is watching. They do this because excellence honors Jesus and inspires people. 
It takes many people working diligently for Kamp to run effectively. Directors oversee all of Kamp, the leadership team oversees specific areas of Kamp, and counselors are in charge of leading their cabin full of Kampers. However, there are a few important roles to ensure Kamp runs smoothly, our very own unsung heroes. The unsung heroes of K-1 are kitchies, cooks, maintenance, and office girls.
Kanakuk kitchens are known for delicious food and signature recipes- kitchies and cooks are the people who make this possible!! Each day, cooks are up early making the meals for the 500 mouths that are at Kamp each term. They work tirelessly to make sure our stomachs stay full and smiles stay on our faces. Kitchies prepare the dining hall and serve food to each table, constantly refilling platters so each table eats until they are full. They clean dishes after each meal, loving others well by serving them daily!
Our facilities are incredible and we are so thankful for them! Our maintenance team makes sure these facilities stay in tip top shape by attending to landscaping, upkeep, repairs, and any other needs here at Kamp. They serve without recognition and do every small job with excellence. Kamp would quite literally fall apart without their service!
Office Girls
The office at Kamp fields calls from parents, sorts mail for Kampers each day, sorts awards at the end of each term, and handles administrative tasks each day. They are constantly “on”, working hard to make sure Kampers and parents have the best experience possible. We are thankful for how the office seeks to serve every person they come into contact to, showing them Jesus through each interaction!