Swim Meet 2017 | Kanakuk Kamps
Swim Meet 2017

The pool is a place where a tidal wave of fun happens every day. With all of the exciting activities like the high flying trapeze, the bouncy blob, and the high dive there is never a dull moment. We also host a variety of different activities and competitions for our Kampers. There is one day that is more exciting than most- and that is when we have our girls swim meet. All Komo Kampers have the freedom to sign up for whatever events they would like to compete in. They may sign up for a wide variety of events including the kickboard race, freestyle relay, individual medley or diving competitions. Throughout the entire swim meet you hear Kampers cheering, counselors encouraging every single competitor, and a roar of splashing from the girls racing. Some girls have never competed in a swim meet and here at Kanakuk they get the chance to! We love seeing our girls try new things and compete. After the rigorous competition, the girls get to cool off and chill out with a refreshing snow cone!!  The swim meet is always a blast!!


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