Summer Skool, A Kamp Vocabulary Lesson | Kanakuk Kamps
Summer Skool, A Kamp Vocabulary Lesson
It is summer time, school isn’t in session, but we are still learning here at K-1! Of course we are learning new skills, soaking in gospel centered lessons, learning how to make new friends, but we are also learning Kanakuk vocabulary!! Here at Kamp, especially K-1, we use words in phrases that may not make sense outside of our gates. Check out our list below for a quick vocabulary lesson on Kamp catchphrases- summer school is now in session!
Kuk/Komo- How we refer to “boy” and “girl” inside Kamp gates. 
Fuagnem- (verb/adjective) An acronym for “Fired Up and Going Nuts Every Minute”. An action used to describe Kampers who are hype every second of every day!
K-Life (noun)- a night time activity that happens around 3 times each week, where all of Kamp gathers together for games, skits, worship, and a lesson.
Rock Up(verb)- Done before meals and activities, we pray over what we will be doing together, with fists on top of fists (see blog post:
Klinics (noun)- One hour of each afternoon dedicated to skill development in a certain sport. Kampers choose to learn a new sport or one they have experience in, and will attend the same klinic for an entire term! After all, we are a sports Kamp!
F.O.B. -an acronym for Flat on Back, time set aside in the afternoons to rest in the cabin to gear up for an afternoon and night full of fun!
Ponytail/Fuagnem (noun)- Not to be confused with the verb, these are 2 times set aside right after F.O.B. (Ponytail for girls, Fuagnem for boys) where people on our leadership teams act as characters, whose goal is to get Kampers to laugh and get them excited for the night time activity.
The Slew (noun)- An endearing term for our man made lake at the bottom of Kamp. A host to one of our 2 blobs, a set of rings, water zipline, floating iceberg, water trampolines, and our new tube slides!
Toptional/Boptional (noun)- a combination on the words “Top Optional” and “Bottom Optional”, Toptional or Boptional is a period in the day where the entire top or bottom activities in Kamp are open and Kampers have the option to do what they want for that hour!
Bumble Bee (noun)- Not to be confused with the insect, bumble bee awards at Kamp are given to Kampers for striving for excellence, being brave, kind, selfless, or giving all their might over to a certain activity or task.
Kitchies- (proper noun)- We lovingly refer to girls who serve in the Kitchen as “kitchies”! They serve in the dining hall, serving meals to each table. We are thankful for our Kitches and Cooks!
Warball (noun)- an activity at Kamp that resembles dodgeball, but is way more fun and intense than a mere game played at recess. Dodgeball heroes may be remembered, but Warball legends never die. 
Super Deal (noun)- Cabin 16 is full of the oldest Kampers of each term and they are affectionately referred to as “Super Deal”- a big deal!!
Now you know a little bit of Kanakuk K-1 lingo! Class dismissed!