Opening Day 2019 | Kanakuk Kamps
Opening Day 2019
Kamp is almost here! We can hardly contain our excitement for summer 2019 and cannot wait to meet new friends, grow closer in our relationship with Jesus, learn new skills and activities, and eat coffee cake at the best place on earth!
Opening Day happens every 2 weeks at K1 and is one of our favorite days of the term! It is such a fun way to kick off our time together with energy and excitement!
Kamp gates will open at 2 p.m. on Opening Day.  Staff members will be available to assist with parking on our upper fields. Once the car is parked, there is no need to worry about unpacking your car, some of our male summer staff will unload heavy trunks and suitcases and take them to your kamper’s assigned cabin. Families will check their child in at assigned tables before making their way down to the K1 Kamp gates.
Every kamper will be introduced on stage in our new Fieldhouse, where one of their counselors for the term will run and meet them! We love it when every single kamper gets to be celebrated in the spotlight!
From the Fieldhouse, families and kampers will be walked to their cabin by an assigned staff member, stopping for a game of cornhole or a refreshing snow cone on the way! Another counselor will be waiting to greet families in their kamper’s cabin, where there will be time to unpack trunks, make beds, and learn about all the fun that will happen during a kamper’s stay at K1. 
At 3 p.m., there will be an optional parent orientation by our directors Matt and Melissa Houston in the Nest, who will provide more information on the term as well as be available to answer questions. 
Once parents send their kampers off for the best summer ever, the afternoon will include a pool party, picnic with their cabin, and our first K-Life in the Nest. K-Life is full of hype new dances, hilarious skits, exciting chants, engaging worship, and a Bible lesson. 
We are hopeful and expectant for a fun, safe, memorable summer together! We are praying expectantly over our corner of Branson, Missouri and are excited to grow in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and man this summer!