March Madness | Kanakuk Kamps
March Madness
Normally an event of this magnitude is saved for the month of March, where fans fill out brackets and sit in front of televisions for days, watching college teams duke it out. 
Here at K-1, we can’t bear to wait until the 3rd month of the year, we have March Madness every term this summer!!
Do not be fooled, the March Madness tournament at K-1 is not just any normal basketball tournament. It is 5 hours full of magical moments, team chants, face paint, spirit, and so much more.
Each Kamper is placed on a college team and is led by two passionate, endearing counselors who act as coaches for the afternoon. Their team is announced over the microphone in front of the whole Kamp, they huddle up and receive a pep talk from their coaches, then head out to play in the most fun tournament K-1 has ever seen!
Each team is on a bracket and plays games accordingly, for 20 minutes each girl on the team plays for at least 2 minutes, encouraged by her teammates and coaches. 
As the games continue, teams that are eliminated head to the pool for a pool and poster making party, while teams that are still in the tournament keep playing, cheering, and drinking Gatorade. Once there are only 2 teams left, inside of K-1 gates gets crazy. 
Every single Kamper gets decked in gear, glitter, and face paint to support one of the final teams remaining in the tournament. Each counselor is assigned a job- cheerleaders, proud moms/dads, announcers, janitors, interviewers, security guards, and popcorn venders. 
While counselors go all out in their positions, Kampers in the championship game play in our brand new Fieldhouse while the crowd roars. Once the final buzzer sounds, every Kamper spills onto the court while the winning team cuts down the net. 
Here at K-1, March Madness is so much more than a mere bracket challenge, it is one of our favorite events of the summer!