KLIFE | Kanakuk Kamps

"I say 'K' you say 'LIFE' --- K-LIFE! K-LIFE!! Ain't no party party like a KLIFE party, cause a KLIFE party don't stop!!" If you walk past the chapel on a KLIFE night at K-1 this is what you will hear. Along with the chants there will be busting laughter as different staff do whatever it takes to get the Kampers smiling and having the best time of their lives. At K-1 we believe that there are always ways throughout the day we can share the truths of the gospel with our Kampers. KLIFE is one of the ways we are able to do that through a message, worship and different skits that the staff perform - like the gospel skit. The gospel skit is filled with humorous moments, but at the core of the skit, there is the gospel message clearly presented to the kampers by various characters. One thing that is special about this skit verse other skits is that this one has a purpose behind it, and can open up an opportunity for counselors to share with their Kampers after KLIFE is over that night. Throughout the term, the skit builds and at the last KLIFE we share the story of Jesus dying on the cross and forgiving us of all our sins because of his sacrifice. We want to make sure every Kamper that leaves these gates is repeatedly given the gospel message! We love that KLIFE is a set apart time of the day that we can do that!