K-1 2019 Themed Parties | Kanakuk Kamps
K-1 2019 Themed Parties
What time is it? PARTY TIME!!!!
Here at Kanakuk K-1, Sundays are special. We love that the first day of the week has a more relaxed schedule, is full of coffee cake, Kamp wide church, and free swim. To top it off,  every single Sunday night have a party!!!
Every single party has a fun and special theme- we’ll dress up in costumes according to the theme of the party, Kamp will be decorated to enhance the experience, and activities the night of will correlate to the specific party. After a picnic dinner and a rotation of party-themed station, we will end each Sunday night with an EPIC dance party! Read below about each of our party themes this summer!
“Mathletes vs. Athletes”
Some people have big brains, other people have big muscles, and we all will have a great time at the Mathletes vs. Athletes party! During this party, math stars and all stars will need to work together in different stations to discover the great equalizers between these two groups!
“Christmas with a K”
Christmas in July? More like Christmas all summer long!! Christmas with a K is an all day party, the excitement of each moment matching the excitement level of a December 25th morning. The forecast all seems to show a chance of snow flurries, group games, and a good time!
Ahoy!! Pirates have taken over the land of K-1 and we need your help to get our territory back! You’ll journey around our island, gathering clues, strategies, and gold coins to claim stake on Kanakuk hill once again!
“Take Me Out to the Ballgame”
There is nothing quite like a game of baseball in the summertime, hence this party will be full of hot dogs, popcorn, and various competitions. America’s favorite pasttime is now one of Kamp’s party themes- play ball!!