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A Day at K-1!
A Day at Kamp!
Our photo and video teams do a fantastic job of capturing small moments of what happens here at K-1, providing glimpses into what happens throughout each day. Despite the barrage of photos and videos, it can be difficult to capture what a normal day at Kamp looks like, from the moment a Kamper wakes up until they rest their head on the pillow at night. 
Below is an itenary of all that happens in our corner of Branson, Missouri- a slice of heaven on earth!!
8:00 a.m.- Kampers attend Flag, where there is a quick skit, each cabin reports with a fun chant or cheer, announcements are made, and we recite the Pledge of Allegiance. 
8:10 a.m.- The Wake Up Show happens right after flag, where Kampers are energized with a fun skit, memorize a passage of Scripture together, and get pumped for a day at K-1!
8:25 a.m.- Honor Cabin is the oppurtunity for each cabin to clean and tidy things up, each Kamper responsible for their bunk as well as a different chore each day. Many hands make light work!
8:50 a.m.- We love breakfast!! Coffee cake, blueberry fluff, pancakes, and breakfast burritos are some of our all-time favorites. 
10:20 a.m.- During first period, every cabin will be scheduled at an activity, where they will be educated, entertained, and inspired by our energetic and engaging staff members!
11:10 a.m.- A cabin will move to another activity during second period. Some examples for activity periods are slip n slide, party barn, archery, canoe, nature, crafts, water slide, kayak basketball, the wet zip line, dry zip line, or dive class!
12:10 p.m.- Third period will also include another activity period for a cabin, unless they are scheduled at a specialty for the morning. Specialties include canopy, wake board park, ski camp, or trip!
1:00 p.m.- We regroup and reenergize each day at lunch, where we eat with our cabins and are served by our incredible kitchies!
1:40-3:30 p.m.- F.O.B. stands for “flat on back” and is a time for campers to rest, write letters, open packages, and lay low with their cabin. 
3:45 p.m.- We have klinics each day, where Kampers develop skills in their sport of choice. Some options for klinics are basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, football, adventure, k-shred (cross-fit), tennis, dance, the art of manliness, cheer, and adventure!
4:30 p.m.- Fourth period is one last activity period for Kampers to learn and try a new skill or activity!
5:20- Free swim! We love the pool, where Kampers can cool off by jumping off diving boards, using the blob, going down waterslides, or swinging off the trapeze!
6:50 p.m.- After getting cleaned up and showered, we eat dinner in the dining hall for dinner. Dinner hour is infamous for chanting for counselors to jump into the pool as well as “get hype” cheers. 
7:30 p.m.- Each night, we have a different evening activity! We could get rowdy at K-Life, have a crazy themed party, compete in a tournament, or explore Kamp with our cabins!
9:30 p.m.- T.A.P.S. stands for “Totally All Persons Silent”, meaning each of our Kampers has their heads on their pillows after a night time devotion led by their counselors.
Days spent at K-1 are packed full with unforgettable memories made with great friends!!!