Birthdays at Kamp | Kanakuk Kamps
Birthdays at Kamp
Birthdays only come around one time each year, so we believe they should be lived to fullest! Here at Kanakuk, we believe every kid deserves to be celebrated, especially on their birthday!! We spare no expense to make sure our Kampers with birthdays at Kamp feel like a million bucks. 
On the morning of their birthday, the special Kamper receives a crown or pin when they wake up, letting everyone know it’s their special day. They will get to open a special present for Kamp, with a t-shirt and bag full of small toys. All of this happens before breakfast!
All throughout the day, Kampers will be recognized at different activities during their birthday, and will even get to choose an activity for their entire cabin to do in the morning!!
Without a doubt, the biggest part of their birthday at Kamp is during dinner, where the entire Kamp will sing the infamous K1 birthday rap to the Kamper standing on stage! The entire Kamper’s cabin then receives an ice cream cake to share in on the celebration.