Making Kanakuk Kamp Ready | Kanakuk Kamps
Making Kanakuk Kamp Ready
The countdown is over. The staff has been chosen. They’ve packed theirbags and headed to Kanakuk for a summer that will forever change them.
Our staff jumped into training week with their sleeves rolled up, ready to work. We love our staff and they love their Kampers, which is why we want the Kamp grounds to be fully prepared and ready to go when session one starts!
A few of our counselors getting the grounds Kamp-ready. "Preparing the Kanakuk grounds for Kampers helped us build relationships and gave us a glimpse of how awesome this summer is going to be!" -Clark, K-7 Counselor
One of many Kamper favorites at Kanakuk is the ropes course. Before our Kampers head up into the treetops, our staffers get trained on the different checkpoints, sending each other through the canopy. Here our staffers get to try it for themselves. Who said training couldn’t be fun?
Our staff loves Staff Week because they get to come together, many for the first time, as Kanakuk Staff. It’s a lot to take in, and we are already so proud of them and the progress they’ve made this week. Each activity they are trained in provides a chance for team building and learning more about each other. Because Kamp friends are the best friends, and that counts for staff too!
The Staff has had time to reflect this week and find better ways to serve God and the rest of the staff. “I’m third” has been our number one motto this week as our staff practiced serving one another and prepare to lead and encourage Kampers.
"We loved praying with each other and learning more about how we are going to encourage the Kampers in their walks with Christ." Sara, K-2 Counselor
While preparing the grounds for Kamp, we also wanted to take the time to prepare and equip our staff for the summer ahead. As you #PrepForKamp in preparing your heart, our staff does the same.
Praying for each other, their teams and future Kampers, our staff is ready to show Christ. Staff Week is over, and we can’t wait to see all of our Kampers at session one! Get ready for a summer like no other!