Thriving and Surviving! | Kanakuk Kamps
Thriving and Surviving!


We are having an absolutely great term so far! This week your campers began to apply the skills they have been taught on their camp out at Kings River.  This was their first night to sleep in a deadfall A frame that they spent all day building. They learned the value of not taking short cuts in order to keep warm and dry in their shelter. That night they also built their own fires and proceeded to cook dinner as a team. Thursday morning we woke up and your kampers enjoyed rappelling down a 150 foot bluff and then hiked through water to bluff jump! Later in the afternoon they were taught how to make their own fishing spears and then had a blast attempting to spear some fish in the water. To top it all off we ended the night eating pizza and playing frisbee before watching the sunset. It was an awesome day.

Today your kampers will continue to improve on their knife and hawk throwing skills in order to compete in our Top Shot competition! They will also work on their hunting and stalking skills using a bow and arrow.

Adventure Staff