Survival Term 5! | Kanakuk Kamps
Survival Term 5!


We have had a couple of awesome days with your kampers! They have learned skills such as tying knots, starting one match fires,  making cordage out of grass and tree bark, and setting deadfall traps! Today they learned the basics of land navigation and went on their first hike to their campsite for the night.  At this campsite, they learned how to make cedar bark and vine baskets as well as how to cook over a fire with their cook kits. It is so fun to watch them laugh and bond with each other.  They are doing a great job of helping and encouraging others. 

Tomorrow they will go on their second hike to continue working on their navigation skills. After that they will be introduced to the proper technique of throwing knives, tomahawks, and shooting a bow and arrow. We love their enthusiasm to learn these skills! All of the kampers are extremely driven to do well with each task.


Adventure Staff