Still Flying! | Kanakuk Kamps
Still Flying!


Your kampers are still excelling in all things airplane! They are pressing on in the ground school and continue to improve on their flying skills.  It has been an awesome experience to watch them grow in skill and confidence. We love seeing how well they are learning and all the progress they are making. 

Yesterday afternoon was quite exciting for your kampers.  They were able to show off their agility talents on the K 7 Ninja Warrior course.  Your kampers had a blast the whole time.  We had both single and team competitions and it was awesome to see them cheer each other on.  They were smiling and laughing the whole time.

Last night was really special because the kampers had the opportunity to listen to Joe White give his creation talk.  It was truly magical to listen about how marvelous and complex our cosmos are and to worship God under the stars He created. It spurred some great conversations.

Tonight we are all looking forward to spending some time on the K 2 ropes course! It will be fun to see them learn how to depend on their partner and make it through the whole course!


Adventure Staff