On the Road Again | Kanakuk Kamps
On the Road Again



 After a day full of learning about and exploring the USS Alabama, your kampers feasted on some amazing seafood! Last night, all of the male kampers had the incredible opportunity to spend the night aboard the ship! The ladies were not slighted in the least though because we were able to enjoy a lovely night in a very comfy hotel! We were able to get a great night's sleep and prepare for the journey home today.

Tomorrow is going to be a great day as well!  We will start the day off going to the blueberry farm for breakfast and then in the afternoon the kampers will show off their skills in a game of paintball. We are all very excited to see you tomorrow night at closing ceremony as well! We will be waiting for you in the parking lot of the K 1 administrative offices and from there we will head to the K1 Neighborhood Chapel for dinner and then the ceremony!  We can't wait to meet everyone!


Adventure staff