I'm Third

Jesus Christ, when asked “to put it all together,’ simply said, “Love God with all your heart and all your mind and all your soul… and love your neighbor as yourself.” Simple to say, we agree, and mighty hard to do, but Jesus lived such a life and His world saw Him do it. He gave His earthly life so that we may live forever.


Coach Bill Lantz said it another way, “God first, the other fellow second, and I’M THIRD.” Like Jesus, Coach Lantz not only said it but lived I’m THIRD for all his 82 years as a winning coach for 35 years at one high school, and was Founder, Director and remains the Inspiration of Kanakuk Kamp.


Captain Johnny Ferrier learned I’m THIRD at Kamp and lived it as a great athlete and decorated pilot. He died I’M THIRD as he rode his Sabre Jet Fighter to certain death rather than bail out and risk killing others in the uncontrolled crash of his plane. See the original Denver Post article on Johnny’s last flight here.


“God first, the other Person second, and I’M THIRD.” A happy way to live… the best way to live… the only way to really live… but impossible without the example and powerful life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ… the man who loved us enough to go to the cross, who was man enough to say, “Father, forgive them,” who was humble enough to wash dirty feet… and perfect enough to be the Son of God.